Spoorthi – An After-School Program

In simple terms, there aren’t enough schools in India, and many existing schools have inadequate infrastructure. Given the poor quality of schools, many students drop out of the formal education system early in their lives, and many of those who stay in school emerge with insufficient skills and knowledge to find good jobs. The few Indians who complete tertiary education may also lack the skills needed to excel in the jobs available.

The link between poor education and India’s low labour-force participation is obvious. Against the backdrop of India’s rapidly growing working-age population, low participation can have serious social and economic consequences, including unrest among young people. India needs to raise workforce participation. Education and skill development will prove critical for achieving this target.

To address this issue, Reaching Hand partners with Government Schools, Block Education Officers and School Development Management Committee to improve the quality of education by providing the students and teachers with infrastructure facility, training’s and learning equipment through our Spoorthi centers. The Spoorthi center equips schools with a computer lab, computer classes, life skills and soft skills classes ,computer, life skill and soft skills trained teachers, and time for students to use the lab for their studies and aspirations.